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DrivePur Protection Systems

DrivePur Protection Systems eliminates bacteria and suppresses its ability to grow through an industry leading formula of natural elements - Titanium Dioxide, Chrlorine Dioxide, and water.


Activated by sunlight, this photocatalytic process has an anti-microbial reaction that fights germs, bacteria, mold, allergens, and VIRUSES.


This formula provides hospital grade protection found in ICU's and surgical rooms, and is scientifically proven and designed to clean hard and porous surfaces. 


A green, health-conscious, pet safe, and environmentally friendly product that can protect your car for up to six months! 


We are excited to be offering DrivePur Protection Systems as a service at 8th Street Car Wash! This year has proven to us more than ever before how important it is to protect against the spread of bacteria and viruses. 

Please schedule an appointment to ensure a service staff member is available! Payment due at the time of service. Cash and card accepted. Call to check availability and schedule, or submit an appointment request below and we will contact you to confirm.

(360) 452-4774

DrivePur Appointment Request

We will contact you to confirm appointment!

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1hr Appointment

Appointments Available Everyday Including Weekends

Appointments Available between

10 am and 4 pm

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